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French Guiana Fashion Week is an event launched to meet the need for a space of valorization and promotion of the businesses and professionals of the Fashion industry sectors. The GFW first of all aims at creating bridges between creators, photographers, agencies of communication, publicity and event-driven, craftsmen of the jewellery, of the textile, hairdressers, make-up artists, and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and the entertainment industry. It then seeks to support the meeting between these professionals and the public, the school apprentices and or of the potential customers.

Thus, the GFW combines cultural, commercial and educational dimensions, favorable to the representation, the planing and the dynamization of an emergent local industry, in a market mainly composed of young people, and profiting from a plural cultural promptness, favourable to a creative variet...

We propose a top quality operation,  based on engineering and on local creativity..​


GUYANE FASHION WEEK TEAM also initiated and produced the first SURINAME FASHION WEEK IN 2013. Therefore, joined by the now Surinam'N'Style Team created following the event ( Warda MARICA & Helio PHOELI ), Then, one can easily understand the strong link between the 2 events and between the 2 countries.


​We thus work with  Brazilian, Guianese,  Martinique, Surinamese, Guadeloupe and  Guyanese creators and professionals, in activity (in French Guiana and abroad), to highlight the economic potential to explore in order to propose a rich panel of the concerned sectors .


Considering our will to contribute to the economic development of our areas, this approach is based on a strong strategic marketing planning in direction of the corporations and economic operators, as well as relays of opinions, in the artistic and institutional medias. It is a question of arousing interest for the products of creators, and encouraging mutual collaborations and opportunities.

In addition to the partnerships with the educational institutions, in particular training classes of fashion design & business , the reception and hotel trade, but also to offer in a direct and interactive way, a space of discovery with activities (workshops) of the sectors contributing to the operation. 

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